Brand Development

All brands need a platform to build upon which is made up of the vision, mission, values, personality and tone of voice. Whether fully developed for your brand or not, our process will refine or develop these key attributes to your brands success. This is a highly collaborative process with your involvement key to success.

Identity Development

Once the brand platform is solidified, we combine those foundational elements with our extensive, in-depth study of your market and competitors to begin the development of the visual expression of your brand, which includes the name, logo, colors and typography. Visual development by our team always begins with a pencil and sketchbook not software.

Brand Strategy

When your brand identity is well established but the strategy to connect with the existing or new target audience needs an overhaul, we have the tools and experience to bring your target back into focus. This strategy should inform all aspects of brand operations and communications across an organization.

Creative Copywriting

A natural output from our identity development and brand strategy projects is creative copy development for slogans, taglines and mottos for both the primary brand or individual products and services. Raw copy provided by you can also be shaped into high impact copy developed for print and digital channels by our team.

Digital Experience

The digital channels your brand utilizes to interact with its target audience must offer a seamless experience that is an effective extension of your brand identity and brand strategy. Our in-house team provides custom design and development for websites, ecommerce, social media elements and digital display ads that aligns with your brand strategy.

Custom Lettering

Customizing your existing type or creating lettering from scratch that is unique to your brand is a powerful way we can set your brand identity above the rest. Custom lettering vs. “off-the-shelf” gives your brand identity it’s own visual voice. Your brand can avoid being associated or confused with another brand.
keys of truth

Keys of Truth

This Southlake, Texas based ministry launched in early 2014 and is focused on unlocking the divine design of the sexes by sharing how males and females can communicate more effectively by understanding that their unique differences can be embraced.

The Challenge

As a start-up, their ministry needed a strong brand in order to signal that they were legitimate and ready to serve their target audience. Also, print collateral and a digital presence were needed to reach their target audience.

The Solution

We walked their team through our brand and identity development process to fully develop their brand platform and then combined that information with our studies of their market and competitors to ensure high impact design & development.

The Result

  • Brand development
  • identity development
  • brand strategy
  • digital experience - custom Wordpress website & social media elements
  • stationery system design
  • conference materials - tshirt, banners, confernce book cover, lanyard card, and custom 6 panel conference mailer.
keys of truth keys of truth keys of truth keys of truth keys of truth